Photo Submission Guidelines

Photo Submission Guidelines

If you’d like to submit photos for the magazine, here’s what we’ll need to make sure you have the best chances of being included:

1. Make sure your photos fit with the theme of the upcoming issue of the magazine. The theme will be available on the website and within the magazine itself.

2. Make sure your photos are taken and submitted with the highest possible quality settings. We prefer at least 300 dpi images saved as .pngs, but we can convert from virtually any image format. The higher the photo quality, the better the chance of your photos being accepted.

3. When you are ready with your submissions, archive them all together in a single file. Archives in the .zip format will guarantee that we can decompress them, and we can handle most other formats as well.

When finished, double-check that you’ve followed the guidelines above and then send your file to We’ll let you know if we decide to include any or all of your photos. Thanks for your interest!